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Pay Per Click Management

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of gaining or you can say diverting your traffic by purchasing ads on search engines and Pay Per Click (PPC) is a part of it. PPC is also called Cost Per Click, which is an online advertising way of using search engine advertising to generate and direct traffic to your website, rather that earning those clicks organically. In this internet advertising method the advertiser pay the website owner or publisher only when the user clicks on their ad. Simply it is defined as "the amount spent to get an ad clicked". PPC allows advertisers to bid on keyword or a keyword phrases which are relevant to their targeted market, audience or offering business.

At IMG Global Infotech,

PPC services offered at IMG Global Infotech will give your website an effective search presence which leads to a considerable increase in sales, profitability and customers trust. PPC professionals at IMG Global Infotech apply comprehensive PPC techniques to give you optimum results and also boost your online presence which in return helps you to increase your customer database. Our dedicated SEO experts guide you through out the process by finding out what converts best for your business.

Pay Per Click Management in Jaipur

Instant Results

Although using organic way of web marketing is effective and last for years, but it takes time to achieve best results. And most of the business needs fast results, as they don’t have enough time to wait for sales or leads. PPC advertising is perhaps the fastest way to get instant results and short-term revenue needs. As soon as you’re advertising campaign goes live, your ads start appearing to your targeted audience in the fastest possible way and you will get revenue through it.



PPC advertising allows you to target a specific geographical area. If you found that your customers are more interested in your services and products from a specific area or different areas of the world, then PPC gives you the power to focus on that regions or areas and you can optimize your campaigns to that regions/area. By this feature of PPC you can reach right people at right time which is more likely to turn a click into conversion.


Dominate the first page of Google

There are chances that your site will not appear in top results of google by using organic SEO tactics. But PPC helps to appear your ad multiple times, dominating the first page of google and relegating your competitors to the second or third page of SERP’s. By this more often your consumers can see your brand, your company and your site too on the first page of the search results and there are the chances that more likely they click it and purchase your products or avail your services.