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Parallax Website Designing

What is parallax designing? The term “Parallax” came from the visual effect of 2-D scrolling. Parallax scrolling is a technique in web designing where background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D scene.

The phenomenon of parallax scrolling is growing popularity on internet bringing the user a new visualizing experience online. developers are constantly finding ways to make their site more appealing to site visitors.

IMG Global Infotech specializes in providing industries best software development services to its clients, to help their business flourish world-wide. Our unparalleled Parallax website development services are the result of innovation and ingenuity of our dedicated developers who put their creative ideas aligned with the specific requirements of the clients. We can impart a new and modern look to your website that will appeal your visitors and make them spend more time browsing your services.

Our expert Parallaxweb designers strive hard to ensure that our each client get well customized and personalized web services with on time delivery.

Parallax Website Designing

  • »A touch of reality to products and services
  • »Highly engaging single page designs
  • »Display animations without using flash
  • »Detailing services through 3D visions
  • »Storytelling Approach
Parallax Website Designing in Jaipur

Reduce bounce rate

The most prompt and noticeable characteristic a user can examine in a static website is its speed. As a static websites does not involve extensive custom coding, ecommerce systems, database queries, processing on every request or templates the speed of a static website automatically increase.


Improved story telling

Pioneers of the technology industry are constantly pushing the boundaries of modern storytelling. So in order to replace the outdated method of presenting information of the products, business owners are adapting the new versions of marking phenomenon. Parallax scrolling is also one of them.


More Interaction with user

More interaction means more user and more leads. Parallax website offers its users a better view of page depth and animation. Due to which parallax designs engage more viewers to scroll through the entire page.