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Nidhi Software

Nidhi Software is centralized database software that manages various banking operations online. It is software that provides easy management to financial companies and cut down the hours required to perform such time intensive processes.

This software has excellent banking features such as fixed deposit, recurring deposit, saving account, loan account and has extra modules to handle multi branches, multi user and reporting operations.

To fulfill the desire of financial companies, IMG Global Infotech develops a best quality Nidhi software and mobile app that effectively solve the problem of financial companies and fuel their growth.

We are totally committed to provide best servicing to our clients and try our best to develop output as our client want from us.

Advantages of Nidhi Software

  • »Cost-Effective : By understanding the importance of cost factor for a company, we develop software that easily cut down maintenances cost and provide excellent output.
  • »24X7 Support : We are totally committed in serving our best to customers and with this aim, we provide 24X7 hours service to our clients.
  • »Easy to use : We develop software that is easy to access and efficiently manage various services without any kind of assistance.
Nidhi Company Software Company in India

Features of Nidhi Software

Handle various deposits

Manage various types of loans-group loan, personal loan, business loan etc

Manage details of multiple branches

Handle share and other reports

Manage HRM module

Handle DSA module