Link Building

In Search engine optimization (SEO), link building is the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites to your website. It aimed at enhancing the quality and number of inbound links to a webpage. As a SEO point of view link building is among the primary tasks required for search engine ranking and traffic success. Through links search engines not only determine the popularity of a website and pages based on the number and popularity of pages linking to them, but also analyze - spam, authority and trust metrics of a website. Trustworthy websites tend to link to other authorized and trusted sites while spammy sites receives very few links from trusted sources. To earn trust of search engines, you’ll need the help of more popular and better link partners. Search engines use links as a signal to determine the ranking of a web page. This implies that increasing the number of high quality links pointing to your website or a web page can significantly increase your chances of ranking well in SERP’s.

Benefits of Link Building for SEO

SEO Company Increase in Referral Traffic India
  • Increase in Referral Traffic

    Referral Traffic means the traffic or visitors who came to your website from direct links on other websites rather than directly from searches. A good quality link from highly visited website can lead to increase in web traffic. If the referral website is relevant to your business then chances are that your site also get relevant traffic and may lead to an increase in revenue and brand visibility.

  • Relationship Building

    Link building helps a business to outreach to other relevant websites and blogs of their niche industry. A common aim of outreach is to get links from relevant websites and build a long term relations with your specific business niche industry which in turn means that your business becomes highly trusted and regarded.

  • Brand Building

    High quality link building helps a business to build brand image and unique identity because link building provides a way for a business to outreach in its relevant business niche industry.

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