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Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is computerized system developed for tracking sales, deliveries, ordering and product’s inventory levels. It is also used in the manufacturing and retail industry to create work orders, bills of items, and various other production related data. Organizations use inventory software to escape from product outage and overstock.

Inventory software requirements differ by industry to Industry. Like in manufacturing industry it is used for multi-level serial number tracking, revision level monitoring, attributed stock tracking, and kitting capabilities for value added distributors. In process manufacturing industry which regularly require part control and property monitoring, entire forward and backward traceability of lot numbers, and date management of expire products. Hence a strong inventory management software is required by every small or large business to manage their order fill-rates, operational costs, and to maintain their profit margins.

We at IMG Global Infotech provides you a complete set of inventory management, manufacturing, distribution and purchasing capabilities software that helps you to move your stock to the right place, at right time, at right cost. By our Inventory Software solutions you’ll be able to manage your inventory levels and costs in better ways and thus can better meet the expectations of customers.

Advantages of Inventory Software

Stock Management System India
  • Convenient of Inventory Tracking

    Compared to outdated techniques like stock card, inventory software is more manageable in keeping the track of inventories. It provides entire insights and actionable information about the product flows. If you have your business on multiple locations then inventory management becomes even more helpful in coordinating your order supplies at each location. At the same time, with a quick scan you can also check how much product you have in your stock and how much you have sold.

  • Efficient Order Placement

    Keeping right track of inventory quantities of numerous products can be a difficult task. But with the help of a right software solution you will get notification automatically when a certain product is getting out of stock or low in quantity and needs to be reordered. By this you can easily manage your stocks just right and your customers will always get what they want at right time.

  • Better customer satisfaction

    Good inventory software provides real time information to the officials, thus helping them to respond quickly to the newest trends, enhancement or any other changes in the marketing environment. It also helps business in leading its product delivery mechanism, assisting it to deliver products to the customers in the fastest possible time and hence achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Some of the great features including but not limited to, in our offered School Software are-


Stock management.


Dynamic Party/Company/Item details.


Purchase/Issue/Sale management.


Billing format.


Auto notification for minimum quantity items.


Ledger report.