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Customer relationship management or CRM software is mainly used to maintain good relationships with clients, deal prospects and suppliers. An excellent CRM software will assist a business to attract, and win new clients, retain those the organization already has, enhance customer service and decrease the expenses of marketing. Those businesses who value their customer base and relationships, for them a CRM software provides a great business strategy.

The prime concentration of a CRM software is to guarantee that customer needs are met in a convenient and proficient way within given stipulated time, so that consumer loyalty is kept up at higher levels throughout the organization and with every client interaction. Thus the organization's income and benefit objectives can be met or surpassed. A good CRM system gives complete information of customer to increase company’s sales and marketing operations. It also dominates customer relationships and expectations.

IMG Global Infotech is a foremost CRM Software Development company offer web based CRM, online CRM software solutions for all small, medium and large enterprise. Our software solution comprises of inclusive functionalities which caters to all organizations requirements for maintaining customer loyalty and support. The CRM software which we offer creates a well integrated atmosphere between customers and employees in a company which enhances organization’s productivity.

Advantages of Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management Software India
  • Task Tracking

    Meeting deadlines to complete your task or project within given time limit is the main requirement of today’s industry. Keeping you up to date for upcoming tasks, appointments and deadlines is one of the prime features of CRM Software. For example if you have a meeting or an important appointment scheduled then CRM software will track your task and send you an email or notification in advance to inform you, so that you will not miss your valuable lead and customer too. In this way you will be able to complete your all tasks at scheduled time and your each customer will get your full attention with no chances of forgotten.

  • Increased Organization

    Handling numerous customers and their data can be a complex task. But by CRM software you can easily keep all information like customer email, contact numbers, address, buying history, payment details, birthdays etc in a well organized and retrievable manner. By this you can also easily find any file or data just by searching name instead of searching through paper folders which is a time consuming task.

  • Sales Team Management

    By using CRM software you can easily track the progress of your sales representatives. From their lead reports, sales statistics, task completion time to conversion rate you can easily check their progress in your organization within seconds. Through managing all these effectively you can easily maximize your sales.

Some of the great features including but not limited to, in our offered Customer Relationship Management Software are-


Daily Customer Records


Scheduled customer notification through message to Employees


Follow up details facility


Customized Dynamic Reports


Easy to use