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There are millions of app in app store and Google play store, so if you are siting around and hoping app user will magically migrate to your site then you are wrong, Unless you market your app in front of audience, it will lost in the sea of other apps.


So, if you want your mobile app will rank top on app store then here are some techniques have been discussed that help in mobile app optimization or mobile app marketing.


Create an attractive and attention-grabbing website


If people want their app should be reach to all then an online presence is important for this. A mobile friendly and fully functional website will help in mobile app SEO. It is a greatest asset that helps customers or people to know about your mobile app.


An excellent website design will give first look to people about mobile app and give users the options to download the app.


Draw influencing crowd through social media

Social media optimization is one of the best ways to promote mobile app or any other thing. It helps audience to connect to your app as well get information about your app.


Organic promotion on social media websites will build an effective presence online. For example, create profile on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social site and start follow people within your target audience. Some meaningful posting related to app will also connect people to mobile app.


Feature app through official blogs, press release and other modes


Media and influencers mentions are a long term investment in terms of creating buzz and credibility. So there are many ways to do that:-


  • Launch an interesting and attention seeking press release
  • Guest Blogging
  • Interviews with newspapers and bloggers
  • Write a blog post solely about mobile app features


These are excellent digital marketing services that invite viewers to download app.


Use unique and featured app store optimization

App Store optimization is process of optimizing mobile app on search engine or Google play store. It enhances the visibility and ranking of app and grabs more potential customers. It can be accomplish by performing certain tasks like


  • Unique app name
  • Placing keywords particularly related to app
  • Highlighted videos and screen shots related to app
  • Get rating


Easy and paid search ads techniques


Apple has introduced a Search Ads feature in its apple store. It is basically a paid advertisement technique to publicize mobile app. All people need is to bid for the relevant keyword related to their app and when users search that particular keyword, and then your app will appear on first page.


This will enhance mobile app visibility up to 50%. It is an excellent internet marketing technique to create brand awareness among people.




Competition is fierce, so build an app that engage and retain users instead of being a spoil spot. As words of mouth is always worth like gold. To build and publicize mobile app, IMG Global Infotech provide various services.


It provides a Mobile App Development service that help to build a customer-friendly mobile app and on the other hand it also provide App store optimization service that help business owners to build an effective presence of their product and services.

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