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Angular JS is an excellent JavaScript framework that is used by developers in order to simplify the development process. It is an excellent framework that is used to create awesome web applications as well as help in smooth running of mobile applications.

It efficiently developed workflow and has lot more logical and methodical process that helps in smooth functioning of web applications. It also consist number of systems that help to write web applications as well as create fluidity and responsive web apps without constant page reloading.

There are numerous other reasons that make angular JS lovable for developers are explained in this blog.

Increase page loading time

Angular JS is massively used for single page sites or web applications due to its faster page loading speed. It saves templates in the cache and cut server reloads time by removing the need of continuous striking the server every time in order to retrieve the template.

With the help of Angular JS, mobile application development or developers can architect the front end applications in such a way that coupling on back end is minimized and page loading speed is enhanced.

Faster development

Angular JS is one of the excellent android app development frame work. It is used by developers for automating the repetitive tasks. It saves user time that can further use for actual development and business logic. 

On the other hand with the use of data binding and dependency injection functions of Angular JS, developers can eliminate much of the code that has to be written.

Provide flexibility in development

Most of the IOS app development framework requires to spilt the app into MVC components and then bind them using the code. Therefore it would enhance the amount of coding.

While in case of Angular JS framework, all developer need to do is to just split the app into MVC components and the rest is handle by Angular JS itself. It manages the component by its own and work as pipeline to connect them.


There are various other benefits that increase the demand of Angular JS framework among developers. But every mobile app developer is unable to use this framework in app development. 

Therefore, IMG Global Infotech emerges as a renowned name in the field of mobile application development. Its team of developers use Angular JS framework to develop mobile apps.

Along with this it also provides website designing and development service, digital marketing service, graphic designing service and numerous others.

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