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Important Points To Be Consider Before Build A Hybrid Mobile App

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By IMG Global Infotech
Feb 08, 2021
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Mobiles are become friend of people. In present situation, people prefer to use mobile applications over accessing the website. This has increase the large number of application on Google play store as well as Apple iTunes store. As a result people are gaining interest in hybrid mobile app development.

Hybrid Mobile App is a technology that enables developers to use web technologies (HTML, CSS and Javascript) to target multiple mobile platforms from a single code base, rather than writing native codes (Objective-C, Swift, Java) for each platform separately. In this blog we have discuss some points that a mobile app developer must take into consideration before going a way to hybrid mobile app development.


Analysis features that require native code

It’s very important for developers to consider which things can be done natively, while which things can be entirely done within the hybrid code. A general rules says that if something has seen a website do, it can be entirely done within hybrid code. If it is not, it likely requires native code. 

Some of the non-native feature includes accessing a customer’s location, simple animation and page styling. While native feature include accessing a customer’s camera or photos and passing control to customer’s Facebook app for easy authentication.

Deficient of native user-interface and user-experience


Android and IOS apps have own user experiences and different design languages. App developers are encouraged to give user home like feeling within their developed apps. No matter how differently both app development platform look and function, but they all work with a single goal that is customer satisfaction.


The main difference between both of them is that, IOS control shows all options and must be clicked on to change tabs while with android can hide items if the list of options is larger and app is swiped right or left to initiate a tab transition

Choose a right hybrid framework


Native apps are one of the well-documented technology stacks while hybrid app is built by using a number of app frameworks. The processor of developing this is quite similar but it would be non-trivial to take an app built with one frame work and rebuilt with another. Therefore it’s important to make a right decision while choosing projects framework.


The choice of using a hybrid mobile app development approach can be great for mobile app development. Therefore if you want to use hybrid mobile app development for your business then choose IMG Global Infotech. It provides various excellent mobile development technologies that take your business to next level.

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