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How Cloud Based ERP Can Boost Your Sales And Transform Business

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Feb 08, 2021
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Cloud based ERP is the future of technology. If you want to stay ahead in the competition then you should update your business with a cloud-based ERP. Businesses have to transform, to take up the challenges they face with the changing business needs. You should upgrade your old outdated software infrastructure with updated cloud-based software. ERP solution should be flexible and modern to meet the demand of industry. So if you have a cloud-based ERP software then it becomes easy to cope up with the changing technology and requirements.


What is Cloud ERP Software?

Cloud technology is growing at a rapid pace giving a new edge to the companies both small and mid-sized companies. Cloud based computing consists of a shared computing resource accessed by several users to use software applications. Computing resources can be Memory, disk space, processing power etc. Cloud services have a very low cost because they leased by the month rather than being purchased. You can access the Cloud ERP at any time and from any location. Cloud ERP is beneficial for small and mid-sized businesses as it allow access at low price. Cloud based ERP is secure and scalable which encourage companies to focus on productive things rather than back-office and internal IT issues.


Benefits of using a Cloud Based ERP

1.) Quick Implementation:

New hardware and slow updating is not needed for cloud-based systems and the biggest advantage is that it can be update itself. Automation saves a lot of time and money.

2.) Accessible Features:

Updates are implemented at a faster and frequent rate which helps in increasing its features without any hassle.

3.) Data Enhancement:

Data accuracy and integration is far better in Cloud based ERP rather than On-premise ERP.

4.) No-Physical Servers:

There are no physical severs required for maintenance. So we don’t have to maintain any physical servers and hence focus on more productive things.

5.) Everything in one place:

It enable organizations to derive more value to their businesses allowing more advanced analytics and reporting.

6.) Front-end:

Automated software updates are growing consistently in the market at a faster pace saving business owners time and money both.

7.) Scalability:

Cloud-based ERP is highly scalable as it can scale itself according to the company’s requirement. It is very flexible and adaptable so that you can enhance your business and help you manage your software's data with ease.

8.) Secure:

Your company’s data need high level of security and maintaining data security is a challenge for companies so a cloud based ERP provides high level of data security.

9.) Increased Expenses:

When a company implements an ERP, it faces costing issues and to overcome it you can implement cloud-based ERP in your organization. This way you can adopt new technology with in your budget.



1.) Pricing:

a.) Cloud ERP is hosted on the Cloud service provider whereas on-premise software is installed locally on company’s local servers. b.) Cloud ERP can be opted for monthly or annual subscription whereas on-premise software needs one-time perpetual fee. Choosing a cloud-based deployment Crm Software have made this software more accessible for small business but customization and control over the software is very less. Landing up with right cloud erp solutions is another big challenge. To cope up with the problem, you can go ahead with trial version and then continue accordingly. So, its high time to opt for cloud ERP solutions and boost your sales. For more assistance in Cloud based ERP, you can drop us an email at info@imgglobalinfotech.com. For queries, drop your comments below.

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