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The use of technology has started to impact every aspect of one’s life. There is no doubt to be said that due to the high use of mobile phones, the popularity of fantasy sports apps is taking a huge rise and it is expected to grow rapidly. The fantasy sports app buzz is highly captivating and makes users' excitement and fun level high. The unique identity of fantasy sports apps makes them different from other applications. 


India and the US are becoming the most influential market for fantasy sports applications. This is the most popular sector around the globe and it is the right time to get into its development. Based on the research conducted, fantasy sports app development in India is increasing and it is building a stronger bond between users. This strong connection is the main reason for the rise of fantasy sports apps globally. 


Advanced Features of Fantasy Sports App-


User Panel- This is the panel where all the features are listed which will be used by the player at the time of the game and these features are as follows-


Homepage- When a user logs in for the first time in the app, he will get to this homepage where all the parts of the game can be browsed by him. The information regarding the list of matches, details of players, date and time of matches and others. All this information is stored on the homepage which can be accessed by users. 


Browsing- In this option, there is an option that allows the user who can choose to play any type of sports as per their wish. Fantasy sports application includes various sports that are hockey, cricket, and basketball and the one which is mainly popular is cricket. 


Dashboard- This is the place where users can easily use the profile and they can also join the profile by building a specified contest by putting a specified reward and can include the no. of various contestants and specified parameters. Using a single tap, any player can join a contest. 


History- This tab is responsible for showing the history of players' matches and winning games and details about total rewards which are earned by them by playing all the matches. 


Invite and Win- This is an exciting feature where current users of the application can invite their other family and friends. When their friends and family members add through their invite it gives them a bonus. 


Admin Panel- This is the feature which is specifically controlled by the admin panel. There are a list if features that are included as follows-


Dashboard-  From this panel, the administrator controls the different matches of activity, like the details of the contestant and their earning. 


Control Panel- The control panel allows the administrator to examine the users and modify the contest and has the right to remove them. 


Monitoring Earnings- This section will allow users to know their total earnings and they can also manage their app earnings as well. 


Money Management- The admin panel has this feature of money management as this allows them to transfer their winning amount and to verify the given details with the user's info. 


Content Management system- Using this feature, the admin panel can examine and monitor the app using us and there will be an option of contacting us. 


Additional Features- These are the features that are added to enhance the user experience of the player. The features are listed as follows-


In-App Chat- This is a feature which allows the users to chat with other players while playing the game with other players. These features allow them to build a new group of team and members they can play together in more matches. This feature removes the complexity at the time of playing. 


Push Notification- This feature allows apps to deliver push notifications and it is helpful in reminding the player about its next match. 


Payment Integration- This feature gives them a chance and allows users to pay through multiple payment options. Making this an important feature and for this purpose, API integration is the first thing that is required to be considered. 


Live screening- This feature allows the live screening of matches and gives them a chance to get all the scores live. 


These features are the main features that allow fantasy sports app development companies to build robust and fully engaging sports apps. 


Final Words


The fantasy sports app sector is about to acquire great profit and sustainable investment. The amount of time and money that is required can be estimated by the research and based on the factor that which functions are needed to be involved. There are various mobile app development services available and you can avail of them by collaborating with the top fantasy development company. 

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