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Web Analysis Tools are must for building brand’s Online Reputation in which first and foremost you need a business website then Complete Online marketing is used for boosting sales and reaching the Goals set. To set your goals and analyze what you have done to improve your brand’s presence including Search Engine ranking, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing etc. Although Google provides a free platform: Google Analytics which helps you set a goal and you can check everything from demographics, visitors, bounce rate etc. These data analytics report can be downloaded and analyzed what better things you can implement in your Digital Marketing Strategies. In Other words, whatever Digital Marketing Activities you perform can be tracked and monitored using Google Analytics tools and also other free and paid web traffic analytics tools. It gives an overall insight of Website traffic, clicks, unique visitors, bounce rate, users' viewpoints.


What is Web Analytics Tools?

Web Analytics tools help you understand the Website traffic, Pageviews, keywords, clicks, Bounce rate, demographics etc. It creates a kind of map for your website so that you can optimize your website for better ranking to convert visitors into customers and increase conversions. It also shows regions where website traffic is coming. Data shown by web traffic tool is in the form of charts, bar & table which is easy to read and interpret.


Why A business needs a Web Analysis Tool?

Once you apply Web analytic tool’s Tracking ID on your Website it starts giving you valuable insights which will help you gain visitors and reach your conversion goal. Once you go through Website analytics report you can easily optimize the website and reach the customer satisfaction level.


List of Website Analysis Tools

1.) Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free Web Analytics tool providing Analytical & Statistical data in the form of bars charts & Graphs so that brands can build their Digital Marketing Strategies and optimize their website data for Goal Conversion. Google Analytics provides you a tracking id to add it on your website and gives you full insights of visitors. You can set multiple goals for a single business website and provides insights into various websites.

2.) Yahoo Web Analytics:

Yahoo Web Analytics is a browser-based web analytics tools which collect the visitor’s data & store information on customers' website. What makes Yahoo Analytics among the top is that it is highly flexible, powerful tool giving new insights into online customers and reduce marketing costs. It also helps you to set benchmarks, KPIs, charts which helps you monitor and track your website with its drag and drop option.

3.) Adobe Analytics:

Adobe Analytics which was former Omniture SiteCatalyst is a leader in solutions applied on real-time analytics and detailed segmentation on all the marketing channels. It helps business to deliver better customer experiences and provides real-time insights into the performance of marketing activities.


SEM Rush is used in tracking the number of Website Data at a time. You can try its trial for 7 days and if it suits you, you can get the premium version for yourselves. It can help you in managing on-page SEO, track and monitor website data. You can attach multiple accounts on like Google Search console, Google Data Analytics etc. Additionally, you can check the Competitor’s list and its backlinks. You can extract keywords and get to know of all the competitor’s keywords as well. You can also compare your previous ranking from current ranking. Additionally, you can compare your data insights with your competitor’s data and make successful digital marketing strategies and optimize your website and grow your brand's online reputation.

5.) Crazy Egg:

Crazy Egg provides conversion rate optimization tips and trends which help the businesses get higher conversions. To stay competitive they provide the latest resources. It is one of the first testing platforms created to help businesses improve their website's conversion rate.

6.) Mouse Flow:

Mouseflow is a session replay and heat-map tool to help you show the patterns of visitor click, move, scroll, browse and pay attention on websites. it can used for 45,000+ clients. It helps businesses to simplify their web analytics.

7.) Hubspot:

Hubspot helps you to track complete customer lifecycle, from a new visitor to the new buying customer. Its CRM helps you to discover key trends in your data over time. You can create events to track and monitor website performance.

8.) Woopra:

Woopra helps unify, Analyze and Engage the customer insights of businesses It uses full-funnel attribution, onboarding optimization, feature usage, trends, subscription growth etc. It gives you complete insights into what exactly users are doing across touchpoints to increase acquisition, drive engagements etc.

9.) KISSmetrics:

Kissmetrics is a customer engagement automation platform to help understand the customer behavior and help you design the appropriate online marketing strategy to optimize your website data and increase website traffic and customer engagement.

10.) Clicky:

Clicky is an automated website analytics tool to know everything about your website traffic. It combines historic reporting with real-time website monitoring in an easy and elegant way.

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