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Educational ERP Solutions

As education level is going higher and higher day after day, its management becomes even more complex. Maintaining records of employees, students, institution, student’s results, employee’s salary, student’s fees, exam schedule etc is tough work to synchronize. In this Educational ERPs plays very important role.

Educational ERP is a software which helps you to manage all the things of your institution on a click of a button from anywhere on any device. You just have to have a computer which is compatible with internet to access it. With an ERP system you gain a community, where students get services whatever they need, faculty facilitate learning and teaching in the classroom or online, administration have better management system and staff of the department have all the information in one software.

Benefits Of Educational ERP

Educational ERP Solutions Company in India
  • Efficiency

    Educational ERP systems help to increase the productivity, efficiency and proficiency of the administration. This centralized management system, helps to process work at preferred time and the staff get enough time to look other equal important issues. With the ERP system, the same amount of work can be done in lesser amount of staff.

  • Cost Effective

    Saving time is directly proportional to saving money. Educational ERP makes the work and functioning of institution’s processes (admission, fee collection, payroll etc.) extremely easy to save man hours and cut down the admin costs. Expenses saved by the organization can be used for other important works.

  • Easy to Access from anywhere

    ERP solutions are web and mobile based application softwares which consist’s of a centralized data storage structure which helps administrators, teacher, students and parents to access information from anywhere and anytime on their desktops and mobile devices.

IMG Global Infotech offers tailored Educational ERP solution to customers which help institutions to build, extend and manage their campus according to their needs. Our Educational ERPs enable individuals, system and communities to interact seamlessly.