6 Benefits of Integrating Live Chat Support In Your Website

Live Chat Support

If you are frequent internet user then I am sure, flipping through various web pages you have definitely encounter a little chat box on numerous sites. You may even have used some of them on business or consumer-related sites for inquiry or to ask about a product or service before you bought it. However, did you ever thought to implement live chat functionality in your own site?

Do you know companies such as B2C and B2B who market their products and services on the web use live chats as a marketing tool because this provides them great sales?

Want to know how? I am explaining you

In this fast-paced life, the person sitting on the other end of the screen doesn’t have enough time to call their friends to ask their experiences or to ask about a product or service of a particular company. They want fast results either. Thus in this age of instant gratification, being able to answer your customers’ questions, queries and concerns in real time not only helps strengthen the fact that your company cares about its valuable customers but also helps to increase sales and thus profits.

Customers don’t measure you on how hard you tried, they measure you on what you deliver. – Steve Jobs

When leveraged properly, live chats not only give relief to your existing customers but also provide comfort to your new as well as potential customers.

As a business owner, you always look for a way to make your website easier for your visitors and customers alike. The more seamless and frequent conversation start you give to your customers the more likely they attract towards your services.

Here are top ways by which you can engage with more people and create more conversion opportunities using live chat into your website.

Real-Time Customers Convenience

The prime advantage of incorporating live chat into a website is that it provides customers immediate access to help. It offers direct convenience to your customer’s right from your website without leaving them looking for help via phone calls or emails. Here, wait times are often much less than call centers, where telecallers are busy in solving other customer’s problem. Additionally, the pain of dialing at customer care number and navigate through a maze of numeric options does not exist here.

Added convenience with live chats is that it helps build strong relationships with your customers. Because in this fast forward era customers want speedy help and live chats options do exactly the same for them.

What can be more helpful for a customer to communicate with your business right from the product page on your website? This instant helping service boost trust in your customers for your brand as well as a website since they know someone is always there to help them guide for the same.

Customer Service At Right Time, Right Place

For a customer, the most annoying thing is not being there when he needs you the most. Especially when he is surrounded with the most critical online, digital or technical issue. In that case, live chat options act as a helping hand for them. Because it gives them the option to speak when they are having a full-scale problem or just a question that needs an instant answer.

Live chats cut down the need of call back requests, expensive customer care calls and waiting 48 hours or 2 working days for email response.

Reduced Expenses

Unlike a phone, live chat support is cost-effective. Because here you don’t have to pay for toll charges and per-person call cost. Even live chat doesn’t cost much more than a quality Email or bulk SMS service provider.

Customers love to chat

It has been found on studies that over any other customer service channel, including emails and telephone people prefer to chat. Whether or not it’s utilized as a customer service tool or as a part of the revenue generating machine, live chat can give customers the real-time interaction.

For many customers, live chat is a convenient method because it is less stressful than speaking on the phone to a stranger.

Boost Sales

Your customers love to know that you are always there for you when they need your help. And because of live chat option you are able to answer their queries and concerns quickly when they struck between the processes, your small help works for them as an act of kindness. It has been found in studies that chat increases conversion rate by around 20 percent.

Enhance Customer Service and Loyalty

In a survey of 2000 consumers, it is found that as compared to other customer service channel chat had the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73%, and others are at- 61% for email, 44% for phone.

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