OpenCart Website Development

OpenCart Website Development
As more and more users are turning to computers and smart phone devices to shop online, a good Ecommerce platform become paramount. Due to this reason business owners are adopting a digital platform to showcase their products and services which are both user friendly and customizable. OpenCart is definitely one of them. It is an open source, online shopping cart system which is based on PHP and My SQL database management system. It offers a robust and user-friendly Ecommerce solution to internet merchants, to create their own online e-store to participate in e-commerce at minimal cost. Easy to use, search engine friendly, visually appealing interface are some of the great features of OpenCart Ecommerce platform.
OpenCart Website Development IMG Global Infotech Layer
OpenCart Website At IMG Global Infotech IMG Global Infotech Layer
OpenCart Website At IMG Global Infotech
Nowadays, the internet plays a remedial role in our lives and therefore having an education portal is a must to increase student commitment to provide them the best information about their courses in which they want to take admission. We specialize in providing effective, well-planned educational websites that provide useful information and an aesthetic pleasing design. We provide a high quality, professional designed educational website for your school, university or educational institution. We understand that convey education is an important task and information technology has become a enormous part of the process so we provide progressive education services like education portal development with all modern features that are user-friendly, efficient, flexible and stable.
IMG Global InfoTech is a leading company and specialist in providing the services include for degrees, E-learning, worksheets, schools, employment requirements and other advertising services. We not only develop you a great website but also give support of SEO (search engine optimization) and make sure your site gains popularity which would be a great improvement and profit for your business. We have designed and developed numerous websites for the education sector.
Benefits Of OpenCart Website Development
Easy Setup
One of the major benefits of using OpenCart is its straightforward set up process or in other words you can say that its ease of installation makes it popular among eCommerce business owners. It is easily to download, install and can be handled by even non tech merchant as compare to other CMS platforms which are more complicated to run and manage. It is fully open source, it means it is totally free to use and anyone can customize it as per their business needs.
Large number of Plugins
OpenCart Ecommerce platform provides a wide variety of plugins to its users. The new edition of the free version of OpenCart offers you near about 1500 plugins. It means when you need to download or buy an advance or client specific plugin, you can choose from about a dozen of plugins. These plugins helps you to easily customize your Ecommerce website to meet the needs of your business and your customers needs as well.
Multi-Store Functionality with Great Performance
OpenCart platform supports multiple e-store management, which allows you to handle several different e-stores from one admin panel with an ease. Its admin panel is also quite simple to use and doesn't require too much time to get through the learning curve.
As website speed is also one of the key factors which affect visitors shopping experience. So an Ecommerce solution should posses high speed access and less loading time and OpenCart is one of them. It is lightweight shopping cart system that uses AJAX technology in order to reduce load time and thus increase store speed.
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