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Top 10 Free Tools For Creating Awesome Infographics

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By IMG Global Infotech
Feb 08, 2021
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There is an old saying that- “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  well that’s absolutely true in the case of Infographics. Infographics are nothing but creative data visualization tool which help businesses to share their facts and stats about their products, services and markets areas.


Basically, an Infographic contains hundreds of thousands of words, yet if you ask a reader to choose between an inforgraphic and a full length article he will definitely go with inforgraphics because it’s an irrefutable fact that our brain process images faster than text. With infographics a reader can enjoy as well enhance their knowledge at the same time just by scrolling up and down. As in infographics colored charts, visually appealing images, facts, statics and illustrations deliver better connection with user, most business owners and marketers are taking their advantage to multiplying their site visitors and increasing revenue. Infographics are quickly gaining popularity among website visitors because it does not bore its visitors by page long and lengthy content as in articles and blog posts. 


If you don’t have hours to spend in making something appealing or you don’t know how to make images in Photoshop, there are numerous online tools available on the web which will help you to create unique and stylish infographic in a short span of time. In this blog we’ are listing 10 tools which won't cost you a penny and help you in spreading your message,  complex sales or marketing ideas to your readers in a visually appealing form.


1. Google Developers -


Like most of the other tools of Google, Google Chart Tools is also free. It is reliable, versatile, powerful and yet simple to use. If you are beginner with infographics then Google Charts is the best tool for you and definitely one that requires little training to learn. With this tool you can create an infographic for any type of business. Here you can also select from a variety of maps, statistical goodies, bars and charts even from the common pie charts to the relatively uncommon candlestick chart.


2. Canva -


Canva is completely free inforgraphic creator tool with simple and easy drag-and-drop features. It’s a powerful tool, suitable for all kinds of designing tasks from presentations to brochure and much more with a vast library of images, icons, fonts and features to choose from. Canva is filled with numerous options, whether you are working on social media, personal or business related work it gives you everything you need to easily turn your ideas into impressive designs. Here each new project or you can say design comes with a template for the project you choose to work on. Additionally, Canva also allow you to design for web or print such as- Facebook cover photo, business cards, presentations, blog graphics, banners, flyers, posters, ads, invitations and much more.


3. Visual.ly -


From Visual.ly you can create infographics in seconds and for that you don’t have to be expert or designer in this field.  It’s a user friendly tool where you can get connected with a community of over 35,000 freelance designers and graphics artists who love visualizing data. Here you can also explore infographics and favorites of other design junkies, users, data nerds and marketing gurus. Besides attractive infographics, Visually also allows you to create videos, presentations, and ebooks.


4. Piktochart -


Want to convert your boring text content into engaging infographics with just a few clicks? Then Piktochart is only for you. It’s a tool from which even a non designer can create beautiful inforgraphics within a short span of time. Using its simple and easy to use tools anyone can smoothly edit and build their infographic.Piktochart has 400 fully customizable themes with customizable editor feature which allows you to change fonts, colour schemes, can add your own graphics, shapes and images. Plus it also offers you a variety of icons, images, resizable canvas, objects, design-driven charts, graphs and interactive maps which you can edit as well as adjust according to your preference.


5. Easel.ly -


As its name implies, easel.ly is really easy to create infographics. It provides multiple drag and drop features with simple interface. This free web-based infographic creator also offers dozens of free templates, icons, pre-made themes as well as control colour schemes and font style which are easily customizable. Besides this, the tool also allows you to upload your images, import your data as well as export your graphic.


6. Infogr.am -


Facing trouble in converting your spreadsheet data into visually attractive charts and graphs? Then Infogr.am is your perfect solution. The tool cleverly uses your spreadsheet data to create brilliant charts and infgraphics in the easy way. Infogr.am is absolutely free to use and offer a wide array of maps, graphs, charts as well as the ability to upload your own videos and images to create stunning infographhics. With Infogr.am you can create your inforgraphics in just 3 simple steps – select a template, visualize your data and then publish & share. And when you’re done with your infographic you can share it on various social media sites and can also embed it in your website.


7. Visme.co -


Visme is a great infographic tool which allows you to design visually appealing presentations, ad banners, animations, mock-ups, customer layouts, other engaging content and of course infographics. With Visme you can create stunning visual content, as it offer a comprehensive library filled with tons of templates, free shapes, objects & icons to choose from. Here all templates are arranged simply and beautifully. If you don’t want to do a bunch of changes then you could simply edit the placeholder text, add your own and hit publish.


8. Venngage -


Engage your viewers as well as track results at the same time with Venngage online infographics tool which helps its users to generate and publish custom infographics with easy sharing options. The tool allows you to build eye catchy infographics with an ease, for websites and blogs. Plus here you can also catch the number of your targeted audience grow with fascinating and splendid content.

At Vennage you can create any type of graphics like: Infographics, Reports, Posters, Promotions and Social. With this inforgraphic tool not only you can create stunning graphics but you can also tell your story “visually” with the help of a variety of charts, maps, icons, and visuals.


9. Dipity -


If you are looking for a different type of Infographics, then Dipity can do this job for you. It is basically for those who want to create timeline-based infographic. By this tool you to organize your photos, videos, web content, news in chronological order. With Dipity you can make an interactive, visually appealing timeline in minutes. It is the fastest and easiest way to bring history to life with impressive multimedia timelines.


10. Infoactive -


For making interactive computer graphics and other “data driven” stories, Infoactive is the best tool to choose.  The tool lets you hook up your data to the application and let automation do the rest for you. To customize your infographics, Infoactive offers you a variety of tools such as: interactive filters, charts, maps, fonts, icons. After creating your image you can save, download and share it on social media sites, also it has an option to embed it in a blog or a website. 


Check out some more Infographic tools-


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