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8 Most Popular Web Development Frameworks To Use 2022-23

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Feb 08, 2021
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With the rapid increase in technology, website development frameworks have become an important aspect of the whole website development process. Developers all around the world are under pressure and want to reach the deadlines and to overcome this pressure Web Development frameworks are used. Web Development Frameworks help to ease the developer's burden with its automated features in web frameworks. Earlier, when these frameworks were not discovered, the developers have to start their development work from the zero and struggle a lot to build a website. Here are the most popular Web frameworks for both client and server side.


8 Popular Web Development Frameworks in 2022-23



Angular JS is a frontend framework that is a typescript-based framework specialized in building rich single-page applications. It helps a developer to complete all the client-side applications. Initially, Angular 1.x used JavaScript, but later released adopted typescript that is a subset of JavaScript. It is SEO-friendly in nature and its size is very small as compared to other frameworks and can be easily optimized.


React is a JavaScript library but many developers consider it as a framework. React adopted the component-based architecture before other frameworks like Angular, Vue and many others. React can be easily used on both client and server side. Facebook developed it and it is used by Facebook and Instagram.



Spring uses Java which is the favorite programming language of programmers. It is a Model-view-controller framework used by websites such as Wix, ticket master, etc. its sister projects help you to boost its performance. Java is difficult to learn but has a huge career scope.



MetorJS is known as the most corporative language which helps in simplifying the process of developers by managing both front-end and back-end of an application. It can also be used with Node.JS which helps in building real-time applications for various platforms. It is a full stack javascript framework used in building in single page applications. This language can be mixed and matched by the developers with loads of resources to use. Big brands like Reddit have built their website using this website.



CakePHP is one of the most popular and open source web development framework written in PHP. It is based on model-controller-view and association data mapping. Web applications are easily developed in a structured manner. There is a lot of coding material available online and is easy to implement.

Ruby on rails:

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework written in Ruby language. It is a server-side framework associated with Rapid Application Development (RAD) which supports the reusability of code. It is one of the favorite frameworks of developers and is a funny language that elevates the programmer's mood. Popular brands like Airbnb and Hulu have developed their websites on Ruby on Rails. It is free and runs on Linux. It allows you to move from the planning stage to the execution stage without any hurdles. It is fast and easy to handle as compared to other technologies.



When it comes to backend web development technologies or web frameworks, Laravel comes on top. It is a free, open-source PHP framework. Laravel follows Model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. Laravel framework is used in creating websites like Social Networking, news, blogging, etc.


Django is a framework which is written in Python. The syntax used in python clean and doesn't have symbols that clutter a language. Python is the fourth most popular language according to the TIOBE programming community. Model-view-Template(MVT) architecture is followed by Django. The websites which are data-driven and complex to use are built using Django. Django framework is used in building popular websites like Instagram, Disqus, and Nasa. Approximately 12,790 websites are using the Django framework.


Wrapping Up:

I hope you find the list of Web development frameworks interesting to read. It is not about the number of features a particular framework provides but is all about the functionalities which are useful in executing your project. So choose a framework wisely according to your interest and customer's requirement. Our team of developers implements the latest website development frameworks to develop the websites. For website development quote, drop an email @ info@imgglobalinfotech.com.

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