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8 Benefits Of Using A Web Content Management System Over A Basic HTML Website

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By IMG Global Infotech
Feb 08, 2021
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A Content Management system is the most popular platform for building websites as managing content & code has become easier. As an HTML site consumes a lot of time in updating a single code. In HTML website you have to do changes on every page of the website and on WordPress, you have to change code at one place and changes are reflected in other pages as well. Investing in a Web Content Management System is one of the best investments for building Online Reputation of your brand. A website which is user-friendly and well-designed will surely increase your website traffic to your website.


Popular CMS Tools are:


Benefits of using a Content Management System:


1.) User-Friendly:

CMS Website is very user-friendly as it allows you to access your Dashboard over the internet wherever you are. Once the website is published on Server, you can make changes accordingly in a hassle-free manner.


2.) Allows Multiple Users:

CMS System allows you to give access to multiple users by making multiple user login IDs. Users can be allocated roles accordingly. One can be admin and others can be given roles such as authors who can write and edit new blogs on the website. You can also give roles like moderator also.


3.) Fast Installation & Upgrades:

Website Content Management is easy to install & upgrade the latest version of the same which you can easily change it over the CMS dashboard. You just have to login WordPress, create a new page which takes a few seconds of time and does the update & changes whenever required accordingly. It is one of the easiest platforms to add images, videos & content over WordPress which encourages users to add more content on a regular basis. CMS saves user’s lot of time.


4.) Zero Dependency:

People using CMS have zero dependencies over website designers & developers as anybody who doesn’t have much knowledge about code can easily operate the CMS websites. Only basic HTML, CSS & Jquery knowledge will also help you to excel in WordPress. To rank in search engines it is important to update new content on the website which can be done anyone without any help of developers thus helps in increasing Ranking of your website on Google. You can spend more time in productive and creative ideas rather than on Coding.


5.) Customization:

Content Management Systems have built-in functions to do changes in the website but if you wish to do the required changes then you can do it on the basis of the customer’s demand. It sometimes needs minute changes which can be done by anyone with little knowledge of code.


6.) SEO Friendly:

CMS is Seo Friendly which provides you plugins like SEO YOAST to update keywords, Title & Meta Description which is essential for a page to rank in SERPs.It helps you drive traffic & generate leads to your website. It also lets you add redirects to the events you want to unpublish from the website.


7.) Easy Design Change:

Content Management System allows you to do the changes in a uniform manner. You don’t need to do changes in the code. You can easily do the custom changes in CMS templates accordingly. Ready to use templates are available for users which allows them to change the template accordingly.


8.) Scheduling:

CMS gives you an option to save draft, schedule the post on a defined date and time, make private & Public option. These things ease the way of working and bloggers are most beneficial for this kind of CMS. AS it saves a lot of time when you save a draft of your blog which you want to complete later on. Making private lets you do the changes when it is not public.



The fact of the matter is the Content Management System opens a whole lot of scope for the Web Developers and Clients for a robust and flexible website. Shifting from the traditional culture would not only save time but at the same time is cost-effective. The SEO teams have more scope to try out new methods for website optimization and building. So, CMS is the future of web development and it is advisable to upgrade it. Connect with us at info@imgglobalinfotech@gmail.com to request a quote for the development of Content Management System. For queries drop your comments below.

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