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7 Web Design Trends You Can Look Forward To In 2018

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By IMG Global Infotech
Feb 08, 2021
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Nowadays with the influx of websites flourishing all over the internet, the ‘WOW’ factor is a key to stand out from the crowd. So, what exactly do people need in order to sparkle? First one is use the latest tool to create stunning website and other one is discover latest upcoming web trends of 2018.


In the fast paced world technology and web trends are constantly changing. So, in order to develop business with latest trends, web developers as well as business owners should take a deep-dive into what websites will look like in 2018. In this blog we have discussed top 7 trends that a website owner should follow to make a significant impact in 2018!



Age Responsive Web Design


What is a new benchmark that needs to set and a milestone that have to mark for ensuring website design should be stand out from old and outdated ones in the year 2017? The answer is a undoubtedly is age responsive web design. It is a user centric than being device adaptable as is our responsive web design. It resolves around the following factors.


  • Appearance of website
  • Elements of site
  • Interaction between various components
  • Functionality of site
  • Content displayed


Skeleton Screen


Skeleton is basically a group of bones that are connected together but each bone have its own functionality and placement. Similar thing will be happen with our website, while designing a website we should keep our codes in different-2 boxes, otherwise it increase loading time of our website and therefore skeleton Screen would greatly help in this.


Like if we are loading a page of Facebook than skeleton of the page will appear first and then its content. So, it keep user engaged in the site and remove the issue of bounce rate.


Virtual Reality Video


Virtual reality was once the dream of science friction. But the internet, smartphones are also once a dream. The future is coming when we have a chance to build it together. Websites in 2018 will take video to new and immersive places. Websites will be tricked with 360 videos, 360 modeling, videos mapping and interactive videos.


Engagement Bots


Bots are basically intelligent, software based agents that automates sales enablement and customer engagement tasks. These are powered by artificial intelligence that help filter through a long list of choices, perform more accurate search and finally promoting the user for relevant information as requires.


Expressive Typography and Bright Colors


When it comes to typography and 2018 web trends, a word is worth a thousand of pictures. Taking the expressiveness of typography and placing it on the backdrop of flat design can create powerful web design that captures viewer’s attention.


People spend couple of minutes, looking at web pages, so all need to catch their attention with bright colors and designs that stand out. The dash of color is important to create eye captive design.


Photo Content Will Become a Hit


When we find a photo on goggle that it get searched by its ALT tag attached with the image, so it would be necessary that every image we place on goggle should have contents attached to them, so it can be easily searched by people as well remove various error related to this problem.


Rise of Progressive Web Apps


Since a large population is using mobile phones, so in 2018 progressive web apps trend is seeing in website designing. It helps in animated page transitions, push notifications and splash screen that meet each user’s personalized tastes as well as help useful to build relationship with app over time.




In 2018, IMG Global Infotech will focus on designing simple but powerful websites that can be optimized for mobile devices and heavily focused on user experience. So, don’t think too much and shake hands with IMG Global Infotech to build an excellent website design through its latest website designing and development techniques.

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