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A picture is worth a thousand words


Infographics are the visual representation of complex information, data into a simple and easy format used in content marketing. IMG Global Infotech uses Infographics for its blogs and client’s blog as well. These infographics are designed by our Infographic designers. The Internet is overloaded with tons of Content in the form of text and visuals. Visual content is absorbed in a much easier way because of its compact and apt information displayed in a single visual image. Infographic designs are given more weightage in Content Marketing. Infographics has gained more attention rather than text as it is much convenient to display data in form of visuals. People have a very tiring routine and short attention span, spend 2-3 seconds on a page and if they come across a visual representation then they are more likely to go through that visual content rather than going through a blog with paragraphs. So, infographics are popular for increasing brand engagement. As a matter of fact, 12% of website traffic is increased after uploading infographics to your website.

Three parts of Infographics:

  • Visual
  • Content
  • Knowledge


Reasons Behind using Infographics


1.) Short Timespans

People are so busy that they spend only 2-4 sec of time on a page as they want to get a broader view of information in a short span of time. It is easier and less time-consuming to absorb the information visually rather than going through the paragraphs in a blog. So, companies prefer visuals to text to increase the attention of its customer Engagement. As brain processes pictures at once and text linearly.


2.) Easy Scanning

Visual data helps the human brain to store the information faster and 90% of information will be absorbed easily. So, Infographics are more popular among the website owners. Only 20% of written text information is remembered.


3.) Content Engagement

An attractive infographic will definitely drive more traffic on your website encouraging visitors to share the information on social media platforms. So always put an effort into creating engaging content.


4.) Easily Portable

Infographics can be easily embedded on the blog by bloggers and website owners.


5.) Growth Insights

Google Analytics shows a rapid increase in the search term “Infographics” on Google. As millions of website owners are searching for this term to implement infographics on their website.


6.) Search Engine Optimization Benefits:

Infographics help website owners to get easily indexed on Google as it will bring backlinks to your website. Infographics with an apt information trigger sharing on its website. Infographics are a great way of doing Search Engine Optimization


7.) Brand Awareness:

Brand Awareness is eventually triggered by placing your brand’s logo on the footer of infographics. This is considered as genuine brand awareness.


8.) Call to action:

With a simple call-to-action button, infographics can be shared globally on the internet in a single click whereas local print media is unable to do so.


9.) Sharable Content:

Infographics are irresistibly attractive and thus shared by the visitor’s on Social media platforms and thus making it viral.


10.) Interesting Information:

Create an interactive infographic for your audience and thus creating an opportunity for you to win visitor’s heart by visual over written text. Visual representations are much more interesting to read, absorb and share in comparison to text. Thus make an understandable piece of information for its visitors so that they can easily interpret it.


11.) Knowledgeable information

The infographics created by you should convey a piece of knowledgeable information to its visitors and should benefit them. Don’t create infographics just because everybody on the internet is doing the same. As creating an uninteresting infographic will never gain any traffic and rather create dump information on the Internet. To gain visitor’s attention you have to do something out of the box to gain visitors' attention by creating a compelling piece of information.


Types of Infographics

  • Time Series
  • Statistical
  • Maps
  • Hierarchies
  • Networks


How to Design Infographics

Although there is an infographic designer who designs Infographic design and Infographic design templates. If you can’t hire a designer you can also get free Infographic templates on Infographic websites https://www.freepik.com/, https://piktochart.com/, https://www.canva.com/  


Important Facts about Infographics

  • 50% percent of the human brain is dedicated to visual functions, and images are processed faster than text.
  • Your Infographics should not exceed 600 pixels in width and 1800 pixels in length for posting it on blogs
  • Simple and Apt Infographics gain more traffic
  • Visuals gather 600 times more information than written text on Social media platforms and blogs
  • 83% Learning is done visually.
  • People creating visuals are performing 323% better than written text.
  • Infographics are searched over 200 million times on Google.
  • 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual.
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