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Work Culture

When examine an organization or a company it’s great to get a feeling for the culture. At IMG Global Infotech we feel proud that we’ve developed a relaxed and open work culture for our employees that not only enable professionalism or appreciate creativity but at the same time also offer an open communication platform for all. IMG value each talent and their uniqueness therefore fosters them as a true asset.

As a web and software development company, we love to work with creative people who are bitten by the same tech bug as we are and more than that we also love amazing tech geeks to be a part of our professional IMG family. We are extremely enthusiastic in offering our full support and are always ready to understand and accept the concerns of our valued work force. We always endeavor to make our employees motivated, performance driven & quick in performing actions by encouraging them and offering them the right environment of individual growth, career opportunities in wide variety of skills.

The company culture at IMG is created and maintained by its self motivated and committed professionals who work here. As we believe in being creative rather than mechanical therefore we don’t pin the lists of specific rules or regulations on the walls of our organization. Our culture and knowledge reflects in our work. We always try to make our work place enjoyable for all, even if it comes at a cost of some considerable laziness. Like every other growing organization, we do love team spirit, great skills and dedication from our team members. Being open to feedback is instilled in our everyday routine and so we ensure to offer employees an environment that help them grow professionally and as individual. We believe that happy workforce radiates positive energy which eventually boosts business and so we like to keep our employees happy on the floor.

Competitive salary, exceptional benefits and adaptive environment for working are some of the key factors which support our employees in their skill development and in recognizing their achievements. The acknowledgement of true performer and rewarding them for their exceptional work is also a part of IMG’s objectives.

The Software Developers, SEO Professionals, Marketing Managers, Consultants working with the company enjoy flexibility in our working environment which enhances their development skills and creativity. IMG’s main aim is to encourage its employees so as to build a long term and successful bond of association with the company. The company also offers equal opportunity principles to all professionals regardless of their experience or socio-economic background.

Secrets behind IMG Global Infotech’s Cool Working Culture -


Open Communication at all level


Fun activities


Working ethics and excellent support of management


Learning opportunities


Team Work & Collaboration


Career growth


Complete Openness & Transparency


Fostering leadership


World class working environment


Clear Value and Principles