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Windows Apps Development

Windows app development is the process by which new applications are created for the Windows operating system. Windows OS is Microsoft product, which have 20-year lead over any other OS in the enterprise. Windows OS is considered as one of the secure operating systems in the market because it is not open source like Android. The architecture and framework of windows application should be less complex and limited inner pages, so that it will occupy low storage space. Things keeping in mind while developing applications for windows are- app’s code quality, CPU usage, UI responsiveness and memory usage. The most important part of an application development is to focus on its performance. For mobile phone devices and tablets, app should occupy low ram and use low GHz of CPU to reduce heating effect. It’ll also help to reduce battery use in mobiles. An Application should be optimized according to how smoothly it works with sensors and peripherals of devices like- mobile phones and tablets.

Benefits of windows app development

Mobile app Developers in India
  • Opportunities for Advancement

    The app store of Microsoft currently has a total of about 1,20,000 apps. Among the top 50 apps from this store, forty five are expected to smoothly run on the platform that is getting used regarding Windows phone app development. Hence, there is a probability that Windows phone apps will be treated as a featured app. This in turn will make it easier for Windows phone users to access and utilize these apps. Basically, there is lots of place for further development with Windows phone apps.

  • User Interface Can be Easily Created

    User interface is one of the most important parts of mobile app development. Windows phones offer excellent tools such as drag and drop. With these tools, it is quite simple to create a user interface, during Windows phone app development.

  • Emulators Work at a High Speed

    App development involves frequent use of emulators. Compared to the emulators used in developing other apps, the ones used in Windows phone app development have a considerably higher speed.

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