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PHP Web Portal

PHP stands for- Hypertext Pre-processor. It is widely used and most popular general purpose open source scripting language on the web, which is especially used for web development and can be embedded into HTML. The best part of using PHP scripting language is that it is extremely simple and easy for a newcomer, plus offers various advanced features for a professional web programmer. It is particularly used to create dynamic web pages or websites. PHP is a server-sided scripting language. Reason behind is that it doesn’t get executed on your computer, but on the computer you requested the page from. The appearing results are then handed over to you and displayed in your web browser. PHP allows you to create and develop web pages that provide users with an instant updates of messages, news articles, posts and much more.

Benefits of PHP Web Portal Development

PHP Development Services in India
  • Easy to use

    PHP is always the first choice of the web developers because it is syntax are very easy to read and understandable even for newcomers also. Its codes are embedded in HTML source code and it is based on c and c++ therefore the programmers feel very comfortable and familiar while coding with it. As compare to other complex programming languages like- Java, PHP doesn’t need to be compiled, it only requires a script to be uploaded on to the server and then on the browser. From beginners to experts, it is adopted by many developers because it is clean, organized and eloquent scripting language.

  • Open Source

    PHP is an open source scripting language and freely available to use. It is very cost effective for developers because it does not require any expensive software or the need of purchasing licenses.

  • Cross-Platform

    PHP scripts are high compatibility with leading operating systems (OS) and web servers. Some of the operating systems on which PHP runs smoothly are- Linux, Windows, UNIX, Mac Os, Solaris, OpenBSD etc and also supports all major web servers like- Apache, IIS, iPlanet etc.

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