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What is ERP ?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and are often called ERP software, ERP system or simply just ERP. It can be defined as business process management software that helps organizations to manage their customer orders, financial data, scheduling operations, supply chain records, manufacturing operations, product planning reports, inventory records, sales records, human recourses etc. ERP software can make huge changes in the performance and effectiveness of any business or an organization. With the right ERP software solution, all your business operation come together for easy collaboration and fast decision making to boost your team’s overall productivity.

For most of the organizations ERPs are the backbone of their business to manage their product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing related tasks. Normally in a business, those software’s are used which best fits according to their small business needs. But some businesses require an ERP system, which has the ability to fit in every criterion according to their unique business process. These types of ERPs are called customized ERPs.
A Customized ERP helps your organization to work easily and efficiently without any error, which ultimately saves your employees time and your money. While selecting a software for your organization, always go for ERPs because they have the capability to customize according to your all business needs.

As every client has their own set of requirements; hence no single software design can meet every client’s specific business needs. So you need a software solution that will help you in your business management not the one that the developer wants to sell you. With this approach every time we craft custom software designs with innovative and creative ideas to reach the high expectations and specific requirements of our clients.

Advantages of using customized ERPs –

Cost Effective :- Choosing a right open source ERP system can save a lot of money for a business. As compare to ready-made software solutions, it costs less to an organization because it does not require any kind of licensing cost.

Easily Compatible With Company’s Workflow :- The very first thing which changes in a company whenever new ERP software is applied in it, is company’s workflow. The staff needs to change their daily tasks according to the new ERP solution being installed. But if a company selects a customized ERP solution for their workforce, then there is no need to adapt a new workflow in the organization, which ultimately increases the productivity of the organization and that saved time can be implemented in more useful ways in an organization.

Longer Life :- 10-12 years are the normal life of an ERP System. By adding new features and modify it on regular basis according to a business needs increases the life of an ERP system. Without using customization services a company’s ERP system would not stand the new challenges of the market and would collapse under no functionality and usability.

Some of the industries for which we provide custom ERP solutions are-

Customized ERP Solutions Services